Funeral director accused of embezzling ordered to repay $500,000

Baloney Funeral Home, right. Photo from the website of St. John The Baptist Parish.

Afuneral director in the New Orleans area, who was accused of embezzling more than $500,000, has been ordered by a judge to repay that amount to her brother — the owner of the funeral home.

According to a story published earlier this month in the New Orleans Advocate, Carmen Baloney, the funeral director, was ordered by a state district court to pay $500,000 to the Baloney Funeral Home of LaPlace.

“Carmen would take insurance checks to pay for funerals and cash them at a local grocery store,” Carl Baloney Sr., owner of the business, told the New Orleans Advocate. “The Baloney Funeral Home honored all of the pre-paid funerals where money was embezzled.”

After being confronted with evidence of her crime, Carmen Baloney signed an agreement to repay the money that she took from the company, but she did not make any payments. Her brother had to file a lawsuit against her to recover the money that she had promised to repay.

The owner said he didn’t press criminal charges because he didn’t want his sister to go to jail. It has been a very sad time for both him and his family, he said.

Carl Baloney pointed out that his sister not only stole from him, but also the customers.

The company’s website states: “Serving with honesty and integrity for nearly 60 years!”



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One Response to Funeral director accused of embezzling ordered to repay $500,000

  1. carolyn says:

    What an utter disgrace. There are no words to describe how low some people will go

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